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Lutein Side Effects

The potential element of lutein is its ability in shielding eyes from blue and ultraviolet light manipulation. Lutein supplements are made available in the market to support the nutrient deficiency in the body when we consume lesser amount from foods. Lutein can't reproduce itself as it is a food dependent substance. Dark, green and leafy vegetables are seen to have optimum level of lutein including egg yolks, thus consuming these lutein rich-foods are essential to our optical health.

Our body can't reproduce lutein on its own as it depends on the value of nutrients from food we take. Lutein is considered as a yellow carotenoid that does in maintaining healthy vision, prevent us from developing cataract and macular degeneration. Lutein is also effective in treating cardiovascular health, skin and cancer prevention. However, it is expected that all supplements have some negative cases to tell including lutein supplements have received complaints despite of its healing ability.

Overdosing the intake of lutein supplements beyond 20mg per day isn't good enough as it may react to our body system. It was revealed that the amount of lutein should only be taken in between 30-40mg per week and exceeding the volume required may develop negative side effects. This data seems to be a social issue but no evident facts to support the claim has been reported. But taking preventive measures are likely is what we should keep in mind.

Lutein side effects are often associated only with high dosage consumption but actually no further negative reasons on its nutrient value. The purpose of consumers in taking lutein supplement is for treatment of any eye-related illness however, when improvement is being notified it is better to discontinue drinking the capsule in a gap of a day or two then resume consumption in lower dosage. As lutein is carotenoid in nature, it too interacts with each other though, experts have no factual reports as proof. Thus, consulting an eye care specialist is needed to know exactly your right prescription.

Study shows that the difference of lutein from other bioflavonoids such as gingko biloba and fatty acids from fish oil is that lutein doesn't cause platelet reduction and bleeding. Hence, a little details about its side effects are noticeable.

Vitamins can be taken at any specific period of a day such as vitamin B and vitamin C which are categorized as water soluble meaning it doesn't require exact time of intake but lutein is a fat soluble vitamin that is necessary to take with meal, milk, beans, meat and other foods containing fats. Fat soluble vitamins are absorbed by the body only when there is minimal present of fat. Keep in mind that too much of fat isn't also good enough.

Lutein side effects are too odd as no proven facts to show. These side effects are all myths and hearsays as experts haven't diagnose any abnormal or allergic reactions. There must be further investigation about the wholeness of lutein to our body to let people give assurance before consumption. In the end, physician's advice is recommended before consuming lutein supplements to be safe.